Bulk Filers: Bulk Filers

Regardless of the client's situation, we are committed to comprehensive and efficient service at all times.

We will develop a customised solution that will meet all of your specific filing needs.

For larger filing requirements and for businesses where space is an issue, a Bulk Filer is the solution.


Bulk Filers

Tidy Files has a wide range of high density mobile filing units to cater for large scale storage of documents and other unusual sized items.

Standard colours of Bulk Filers are motorcraft grey and ivory. Units can also be cladded in a variety of melamine or vinyl on request. 

Bulk Filers are available in :

  • Single (1-wide)
  • Tandem (2-wide)
  • Triple (3-wide)
  • Quadro (4-wide)
Standard dimensions for a Bulk Filer Bay:
  • 1100mmW x 2200mmH x 360mmD
  • 1100mmW x 2200mmH x 400mmD
  • 1100mmW x 2200mmH x 430mmD